Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday - August 20

Today is Thankful Thursday and I have quite a lot for which to be thankful. Today is my birthday, and I thank the Lord for another year with my family and friends. We're in Indiana visiting a lot of those people - thank the Lord for safe travels. If you follow this blog to any degree, you understand that we drive an old, unreliable vehicle. But God is good and He sees to our needs - HE is all we need from day to day to day.

On Tuesday night we had another graduation party for Jonathon - this one for the majority of both sides of family. We held it at my brother's house and it was truly a fun time in spite of the hot muggy weather that Indiana gets in August. We've also seen some big thunderstorms roll through - we're safe, sound AND dry!

Jonathon, age 18

On Wednesday, my sister, Sheila, niece Cassie, and sister-in-law Christy went out for breakfast and a shopping trip at the outlet malls. I didn't find anything at the malls that I could afford other than a pair of sandals marked WAY low at Bass. My joy burst, though, when we hit our last "shop" at a thrift store! I got a brand new pair of Lee jeans (petites!) with tags still intact for $2.00! I also got Amanda couple of things for the same price. She is quickly outgrowing every single piece of clothing she owns. Of course, I didn't even try to get things for the boys. They are not only picky, but really have to try things on. Thanks to the Lord for supplying our needs and giving us great fellowship at the same time!

Christy (left) and me

We'll be heading back home tomorrow a.m. so I'd really appreciate your prayers over that old vehicle. God is good!


Denise said...

Sweet Birthday blessings to you dear.

Serendipity said...

Wishing you a blessed birthday! Praying that you have a safe journey.

angie said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for. Hope the car in reliable! :)

Angela said...

Happy Belated birthday precious sister...((hugs))

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!! I am so glad you are having a good day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I was hoping that your trip would go smoothly, ie, safely there and back. Oh, and lots of fun there too!