Monday, August 24, 2009

Fortune in Frugality

I've found some fortune in frugality. I wasn't able to get to BlogHer, which would have been a lot of fun, so a tiny bit of BlogHer came to me - or rather the FedEx guy brought it here. See the batch of baby/kids/mom stuff below? It's a "Virtual" Swag Suite and it's packed with useful items for families, especially those with babies.

This Nookums Paci Plushie is very soft for baby. It's the only pacifier holder that is designed to hold various brands of pacifiers. I remember when my kids were babies - they were all of the time dropping pacifiers and creating a mess that couldn't be put back into the mouth before being washed. This is a really nice item. I gave it to Josh's friends who are expecting their first baby - a boy, so the color is perfect!

This DVD is one of all sorts of puppies in short video clips. There's no real story line or anything, just something for very young children to enjoy. I am sending this to my grandnephew, Konnar. He's just about the right age to start enjoying something like this.

This next item is specifically for Amanda. In fact, she already ate it! It's Kraft Easy Mac and it's cooked in the microwave in only 3 1/2 minutes. Individual serving cups make it convenient. Amanda's hooked on them.

This next item was not in my virtual bag but I wanted to show you my find. These are Pfalzcraft bowls found at a garage sale a few miles from home. They only cost me $1.00 total for the set of eight. What have I missed by not garage saling this summer?


Angela said...

Awesome goodies and how beautiful to pass the blessings along to others...

Those bowls from the yard sale are awesome girl!! They are quite the collectors item!!!

Christy said...

Yeah...I only enjoy going to garage sales by myself and so I have only gone to a few this year!

That box was pretty cool!