Friday, August 28, 2009

Fantasy Football Service

My husband and his brothers have been avid football fans ever since they can remember. I can't remember when we've had Thanksgiving dinners without a game blasting away on the TV. I'm not such a big fan, probably because I don't understand football.

Have you heard of Fantasy Football? It's role playing for the bigger guys; they get to pretend they own their own football teams - teams based upon real life leagues and their scores. They then "compete" with those players' real performances in the NFL. Most often, fantasy football is something in which co-workers participate and they can get mighty competitive.

Now, if these brothers in my hubby's family wanted to get that competitive with fantasy football, they would visit a new site called WaiverWire to help them plan their big games and strategies. They have all of the necessary tools to play the game to the maximum, some of which include:

Fantasy football draft software, news, analysis (the site's owned by former Wall Street fellas after all!), a fantasy football forum, research, rankings, comparisons, and more. Sounds like a football lover's paradise!

I know that these guys I've watched so much football with would enjoy the analysis part of it all. How do I know that? I've listened to their discussions before and after the games enough to know!


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