Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be on Your Guard

I think sometimes people wonder why I post very few photos of my children on this blog. It's plain and simple - my town is full of those who violate children, spend a few months in jail, and then are released back into the community to commit the crime again. Sometimes they never get caught the first time. Nearly ALL of time, they are unrepentant.

A few days ago a man from this town was arrested for possession of child pornography. Guess where he worked? The Alba school system - as a custodian but still fully around children.

I decided long ago that child molesters and those who will someday commit the acts (because they spend countless hours steeped in pornography) will NOT have access to my children as long as I can prevent it. They will not see random pictures of my kids on the internet. I will not attend functions (with my children) that I know they attend. I will protect my children at all costs.

And the cost has been high. I have lost friends and some family over this matter.

I talked with a good friend recently about this topic. I told her that I've been labeled as intolerant and un-Christian because I don't want my kids around those whom they would trust and later pay deeply for it.

You know what she said? "You're merciful by keeping your children away from them. Because if it were me, they would be dead."

How do you know if you can trust a sex offender? You can never trust them. When they repent, they know themselves that they can easily slip back into the old pattern. You will know they have repented when they admit to it and they refuse to be alone with a child. They keep themselves accountable to someone else.

Please, check out your area and be sure who lives near you can be trusted. If anything were to happen to your children, you could never turn back the clock. Once a crime against a child is committed, it's done forever.

"But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in and acknowledge and cleave to Me to stumble and sin [that is, who entices him or hinders him in right conduct or thought], it would be better (more expedient and profitable or advantageous) for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be sunk in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6 (Amplified Bible)


Serendipity said...

Hello, thank you for dropping by and leaving me a nice comment.

Best to keep your children safe. Wasn't it just a few days back there was a news reported about one man who kidnapped a little girl and kept her captive for 18 years in his backyard? He even fathered two children with her. And to think that he's on parole at the same time.

Amy said...

The internet is a big thing where predators use it to view other peoples children. I don't normally post photos of my children - it's safer not to, you just never know who's watching.

purplemoose said...

Before we moved into our house, we checked the neighborhood for sex offenders (nobody.) It occurred to me that this can be a false sense of security, as there will be people who haven't yet been caught. Everybody has a first time. It's hard to know who to trust any more!