Friday, June 12, 2009

The New Buzzirk Mobile

Do you keep up with all of the new developments with technical products - computers, phones, gaming systems, etc.? There are so many high-tech things out today that it really makes my head swim.

I only pay attention to those that interest me personally, help me earn income, and are a "good deal." I've noticed those ads on TV that speak about VOIP phones - voice over internet protocol - that are used to make phone calls over an internet connection. We tried doing that about 10 years ago when we were living in Florida. The phone reception then was horrible because we were doing it with a dial-up connection.

Things have changed since those Florida days. VOIP calls are now done over high speed internet connections like DSL and cable. There's a new VOIP phone service, buzzirk mobile, that's creating quite a "buzz." The internet calls we made 10 years ago were free, which was a good thing for our budget but a bad thing for the people we called. They could barely hear us, not to mention the long delays between us speaking and those on the other end receiving. "You get what you pay for" is so true.

I am frugal, have always been frugal. When you combine cell phone charges, land line charges, and internet charges, phone services can be quite the expense. Making the most of what you have is what frugal means.

Buzzirk mobile from zer01 is going to cost $79.95 a month and combines unlimited mobile calling, data, e-mail and internet into one service.


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