Monday, May 04, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Cool Weather Crops

Today was a busy one for me. I (with the help of Jeff and Jonathon) got the garden tilled! Yes, you heard me correctly. Our friend with the tiller loaned it to us so we could dig up our garden with a machine rather than with a shovel.

I was beginning to sweat over this because, if you want to have abundant peas, lettuce, and other cool weather crops, you have to get the seeds in the ground EARLY! The year I planted spinach in April was the year I harvested so much that I was giving it away to anyone and everyone because my freezer and pantry ran over.

It took a couple hours to till this garden (I have three plots) so that the soil was nearly powdery. I bent down and scooped up some of the wonderful cool earth. Ah, it smelled wonderful! You have to love gardening to say this :)

Later tonight, before the sun set, Jeff staked out a few rows and I dug and planted them with leaf lettuce, beets, spinach, and peas. The plant you see in the picture is my chive plant. It just gets bigger and bigger every year. We've already snipped some and used on pizza. Oh my, so good!

Toward the end of the month we'll plant the rest of the garden, but I'll sure sleep well tonight!


hip chick said...

It looks great! I don't have that much room for a garden but we do have lettuces planted in a bowl.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

That is wonderful! I would love to do spinach and chives, we tried chives before from seed they didn't do so well. Wonderful Tackle.

Danielle said...

This is a Tuesday Tackle for my husband. Our garden will be in by the end of the week! Check out my Tuesday Tackle here.

BarbaraLee said...

I want to plant my potatoes this weekend, but I think it is still to cold for the peas. We're in MN.

Bev said...

Because I'm unable to bend my knees to work in a traditional garden we built raised ones...I have squash, cucs,tomatoes in them now...planted lettuce and herbs in long pots on my deck...the closer the better!! lol
Good for does make one feel good doesn't it?