Friday, May 01, 2009

Need New Shoes?

Are you in the market for some new shoes but can't find a good selection and/or good prices? Search no more! AMIclubwear is an online store that sells a lot of clothing and foot wear. I'm pretty conservative but I do like to have nice shoes - and boy, do I need a new pair right now. Mine have holes in them.

When looking for shoes, I search out a comfortable pair that combines good taste with a bit of height. Yeah, I'm not exactly the tallest person in the room and it's important to me to wear a shoe with a heel. High heels, though, can be bad on the back so wedges are great for me. I browsed around for shoe deals today and found a pair that I think will be nice for summer. What do you think about this pair?

The heel gives height but doesn't appear to be one that I'll trip over or throw my back out with.

AMIclubwear has a vast array of shoes available at really good prices right now. The shoe above, the black patent heart rhinestone tong wedge sandal - great name - is on sale for $16.99. There are some flats on sale for less than $10.00 but I really want a heel. *sigh*


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itsahumanzoo said...

That's a very cute shoe! I have the opposite problem. I'm taller than most women, so I prefer flats that don't add to my height.