Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love Takes Wing - Review

Amanda and I watched Love Takes Wing - the latest installment of the Love Comes Softly series - last night. We snuggled down in her bed with all of the poofy bedding and played the DVD on my laptop. We were warm and she kept giggling because we were staying up later than anybody else. I do mean late - we didn't finish the movie until midnight. I'm dragging this morning and letting Amanda sleep in.

In this movie, Belinda, Missy's adopted daughter, is now a doctor. Her husband, Drew, has died of TB and she is taking on her first official assignment as a doctor in a town in Missouri. She has a fellow medical student - and best friend - with her until a job is ready for her friend in Kansas.

Belinda has it pretty rough, not so much from men who won't accept female doctors, but from Cholera. The disease has begun with orphanage children and then spreads into the town. The townspeople (led by Lou Diamond Phillips) pressure the mayor (Patrick Duffy from Bobby Ewing fame) to shut down the orphanage and throw the children out in order to purge the area of the Cholera.

The story is an interesting one with lots of tear jerkers along the way, not to mention the love story that's in every Jeanette Oke novel. The only problem I have with it is that I heard a word in there that needn't be used in a movie such as this. This was probably thrown in to make the movie seem a little less G rated. As always, I feel a bit saddened when the Lord is presented more as a generic God rather than a mighty Savior. I wish we'd hear the name of Christ boldly proclaimed, but that's probably wishful thinking. Belinda's need for God is addressed, though, and Cloris Leachman was stupendous in her role as the orphaned children's caretaker.

This was an enjoyable movie that women and girls will enjoy, not so much the men I suppose.

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Susan said...

This was a very good movie. Hubby and I sat down to watch it Monday afternoon. We love the whole series, have the whole series. It is the kind of movies you can watch over and over again and love them as much as the first time you saw them. I was a bit saddened they had a different girl playing Belinda though. That is good you had special mommy-daughter time.