Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lost and Found Pets


We have three dogs and one cat,not to mention numerous other pets. They've become a part of our family whether I like to admit that or not. If any one of them got lost, I'm not sure how we'd handle it.

Have you given any thought as to how you might locate your pet if you lost it? Quite often, stranded pets are picked up and brought to over-crowded animal shelters. If they're lucky, they are adopted into other homes. And if YOU'RE lucky, they'll make their way back to your home. Much of the time, however, lost pets remain "lost."

This week is the American Humane Society's "Be Kind to Animals Week" and there's a way that you and I can help animal shelters around the country to care for stranded animals.

So, how can you help? Visit the
Home Again Web Site and register your pet(s). Home Again will donate $1 for each pet registered to Bring Pets Home,a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. It's a great site to browse popular retailers - a portion of every sale goes to help shelters.

Home Again has helped to locate and recover a lot of animals - more than 500,000. They recommend microchips as a permanent form of identification for pets, should they ever become separated from their owners.


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