Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Android Storage - the Next Big Thing

Have you heard of the Android phone? I hadn't until this week. Technology just keeps advancing and advancing with more and more products to make our lives a little more (or less) easy. Just about everyone I know has tons of digital files in storage somewhere. These are music files, data, games, etc. Another thing everyone does is complain about how they don't have enough storage space or it is not secure enough or it's too expensive or whatever.

What would I do with an Android phone? Hmmm. I like music and it sure would be nice to take it with me on walks or on trips. Watching movies while on trips would be nice too. Now, if I had the phone, I would need storage for all of those files because the phone's not going to hold everything forever. Besides, you risk loss of data if you don't have a back-up plan. Having them stored remotely while having local access to them would be very important.

Google is soon to launch Android Storage, a way to store those important files while having them easily accessible. This is going to be a big thing because an estimated 350 million users are expected to be using this platform in the United States and United Kingdom alone. That's huge. Services and applications will be also available to 300 million Chinese users as well.

I wonder what they'll come up with next.


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