Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Plants!

Today was a day for planting. Spring is supposed to be here, but it was only 30 and snowing! We couldn't let that deter us from planting the stuff that arrived in the mail, so here you go.

This first pictures are of a passion flower plant. I used some organic potting soil and a medium sized pot. The plant is supposed to grow passion fruit when it matures, so we'll see.

Ryan dug up a spot in the front yard for his goblin blanket. They're ground covering yellow flowers that attract butterflies. Ryan chose these himself. It's important not to put too much dirt on top or around the roots.

I couldn't resist showing you the purple crocus that are just beginning to bloom. It's the first sign we've seen of spring and it's exciting!


FromThe Creek said...

So fun! Happy gardening.

Anonymous said...

Love those crocuses! It's still too cold and snowy for us to be planting outside yet. Soon, I hope!