Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Personality Test

I visited Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage tonight and saw that she was encouraging people to take a personality test. I wondered if I am a lion, beaver, otter or golden retriever. Overwhelmingly (and I really mean overwhelmingly), my result was:

Beaver— Beavers are very organized. Beavers think that there is a
right way to do everything and they want to do it exactly that way. Beaver
personalities are very creative. They desire to solve everything and desire to
take their time and do it right. Beavers do not like sudden changes. They
need reassurance.

Biblical Example: Moses
Case Study: Exodus 3-4
Strength: High standards, order, respect
Weakness: Unrealistic expectations of self and others, too perfect
Limitation: Seeing the optimistic side of things, expressing flexibility

Oh my goodness! I totally agree with the results. I do wonder if I'm like Moses, though. I think of Moses as a very strong man and I don't think of myself in that way. I consider myself to be very weak. Now come to think of it, Moses DID consider himself weak in some respect because he told God that he couldn't speak well and he needed Aaron. Anyway, go to Lynn's post and read what she has to say. And then go take the personality test to see where you lie.


Lynn said...

Hi Rita... It's Lynn.. Hey, thanks for the shout out.... Girl, I have had more fun this week chatting with everybody about what personality they are and what their husband is like.

In fact, my husband and I have giggled often as my Lion peronality comes out and I want to get bossy. Yikes. God bless you and thanks for popping over to my place. Hugs.

Christy said...

I am sure that this will come as no surprise to you...but I was a tie between the lion and the otter!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Rita. I took this test years ago at the radio station. I am a retriever - beaver. What can I get for you today? Debbie