Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Field Trips and Teaching a Little Culture

We took a field trip yesterday, joining with several homeschool families from our area of Michigan. We first went to the Cheboygan Opera House to see a presentation of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which a theater company from Detroit put on for young children. This play is colorful, musical, and just plain fun for the kids. It's also the first theatrical presentation my youngest two, Ryan and Amanda, have ever seen live.

Being up here in northern Michigan, we rarely get the opportunity to expose our children to the arts, mostly because most of these opps are in the larger cities, like Traverse City, Saginaw or Flint. I really believe that it's important, in this day and age of computer games and television, to teach theater, music, and even dance. This was a great opportunity because the play was free to teachers, school children and parents yesterday.

After we left the opera house, we journeyed a few blocks to a nice city park. The kids played and the adults visited. Amanda and I walked across the parking lot to Cheboygan Harbor (on Lake Huron) and snapped some pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

In the picture below is a very distant shot of the Mackinac Bridge. It almost looks invisible in the picture, but we could see it very well in person.


Christy said...

I want to go there when we come up! I love lighthouses and hopefully the weather will be nice in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I was born in MI and the Mackinac area is one of my favorite places.