Thursday, April 02, 2009

Be Prepared for Bug Invasions

My husband and I love to work outside with the "greener" things in life. Every summer, we plant three vegetable/herb gardens, as well as flowers and bushes around the house and yard. This year we decided to get adventurous and ordered raspberries and additional rhubarb plants. We're going to be busy. What we don't have time for are pesky insects.

It seems like the biggest threat to our plants are beetles. Every year during the early part of summer, these little beetles (they call them rose beetles up here) hatch and they literally fill the air, landing in our hair and in our plants. They don't bite us or anything like that, but they eat the plants, especially flowers.

Chemicals are not the best way to combat insects in our gardens and yard, we've found. The times that we bought expensive harsh chemicals were a waste because they had no effect whatsoever, other than make us a little poorer perhaps.

Complete organic gardening is my goal. After talking with other gardeners and researching organic gardening, I've decided to give organic pest control a try.

There are good products acclaimed by organic gardeners, such as one by Safer Brand. Its organic bug patrol kills over 40 insects. Hopefully I can outwit a tiny insect!


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