Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Perhaps some of you are wondering how Jonathon is coming with raising support for his upcoming missions trip. Thus far he has very close to $1500 in his missions account at the church. Last Sunday, each person in the missions group was given a list of donor names but no amounts other than the grand total in their account. So far, six people have donated to Jonathon's account. He is supposed to be getting on the ball with thank-you notes, which I know he has done nothing with. That's a teenage boy for you. Anyway, he needs to reach something like $2400 plus shots and passport. We've already done the passport thing - just waiting on it to arrive. We have yet to do the shots - he needs quite a list of them besides a prescription for malaria pills. We're trusting the Lord to provide all that is needed and feel quite a peace about it.

Evan has decided to go to Florida with the youth group during the public school's spring break in a couple of weeks. He'll be gone for about 10 days. This child (age 15) is a real introvert and he's having a hard time with the knowledge that Jonathon will not be going too. Jonathon has ACT testing the day after the youth group leaves. Hey Indiana family: They'll be eating supper at McDonald's in Auburn on the way to Florida. Ask us what time and we can give you a close estimate!

Snow is leaving but we still have piles here and there. We need a couple of good rains, so the doctor says, to get rid of the mold. Until then, Ryan (our child with asthma) is not to play outside. He got really sick over the weekend and we had to take him to the walk-in clinic. He's getting better now.

My pies (blackberry cream and cherry) are boiling over in the oven so I must end this post now. What a horrible smell burning blackberry juice is.

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FromThe Creek said...

All of your kids are so well-mannered...you guys have a lot to be proud of with them!