Monday, March 23, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Faulty Drawer

Our silverware drawer is always breaking. Because the tray the silverware sits in slides to the back whenever anyone opens it, it pops off its rollers. This is because the one opening the drawer lifts up on it and jams it. We've switched it with some of the other kitchen drawers but we're running out of good drawers that roll out nicely. We need new ones, but until we can get something that expensive we need to protect what we already have.

My solution is to make the drawer heavier in front than in back in order to promote a smoother pulling motion. The drawer was kind of dirty inside so I cleaned it out completely. Then I packed an empty tissue box and some kitchen utensils in back of the silverware tray so the tray would stay put toward the front. The result? You can still lift up on the drawer to yank it out but it doesn't lift up as easy. I hope this keeps the drawer from breaking.

Amanda wanted to work too so I had her clean the spice drawer. I know, it's in a funny place (at the bottom) but it works for us.


FromThe Creek said...

Great tackle!

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I love things that turn out simple enough. We moved the shower soap hanger from under the shower head to a nail screwed through the tile on the shower wall Sunday night because I was tired of the waisted soap from the water dripping on it.
Eventually I want a corner unit in the shower to store everything, but like your quick solution today we just can't do that right now so simple replacement was a great idea!
Great tackle

Secondary Roads said...

We had that problem with the silver caddy wanting to slide back. I used an aluminum L bracket screwed to one side of the drawer to keep caddy held forward. It works great, and takes up little space.

Rita T. said...

I had not thought of screwing the caddy in. That may have to be something we do because now the tissue box is crumpling.