Monday, March 09, 2009

Priorities - Don't Feel Guilty

Chuck at Secondary Roads posted about his Sunday school lesson on Haggai the other day. He talked about priorities and he said that God wants us to put priorities in order. This speaks to me and I'll tell you why.

I have such a hard time telling people "no." Someone is always asking me for help and I think it's because I'm just always "there." While my husband was still in the hospital lying in an ICU bed, folks were e-mailing me and calling me to ask for help. Normally I'm right there to do whatever, but this was a really bad time for me. And I might add that the problems these people had were not that important in the scheme of things and there were plenty of other folks around who could give assistance.

I firmly believe that we all have to order our priorities and it's up to us to pray about it, read the Bible, and make decisions as to what has to be done first.

While people were bombarding me with trivial matters I didn't know whether my hubby would come home at all. I was teaching homeschool to four children, which involves more than teaching. I also grade papers and keep detailed records of their work. I was driving back and forth the hospital during winter storms that dumped almost a foot of snow at a time on roads that were not getting plowed or salted.

I had to say no to some and to others I didn't even get as far as a reply. I put my priorities in place. In my life, God comes first, then my husband, and then my children. From there I reach out to others. I'm sorry if that offends, but those are my priorities and people can either live with that or ignore me.


Secondary Roads said...

Well said! I'm pleased that my Sunday post spoke to you. Many times, I've visited Following 31 and found a blessing waiting for me here. Thanks for the award. Forgive my delay in expressing my gratitude. I don't have to tell you how it is to have a spouse that is not at home. Sylvia returns this weekend. I'm trying hard not to count the hours . . .
God bless. We continue to pray for your and your hubby.

Auntie E said...

I know exactly what you are saying. I was there During my Mothers last year. It is sad if others can not see the current trials one is going through. I know people mean well. However, sometimes we have to step away. Your right on. May God Bless you and your family.

Grampy said...

Well between your post and the two comments, that about sums it up. Even tho it may be hard at times we do have to use that little word no.
Thanks for visiting my Site.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

It seems as though people are trying to take advantage of your giving spirit. I can only imagine what you were going through and people should have been asking what they could do to help you and your family!!!

Wish I lived close so I could have helped out during that time but I know if you have snow we don't live anywhere close :)

Angela said...

That is totally UNOFFENSIVE but a wise, discerning and healthy Proverbs 31 woman!! I remember when the Lord finally taught me the word 'no'. How freeing. How blessed. Healthy boundaries, learning to prioritize, saying yes when it was God's will and not my flesh, or wanting to have people's approval.

Saying yes to everything is NOT wise, it is NOT what God desires for us. As Christians, we can struggle with that,,,Satan uses it against us,,'what kind of Christian are you, how can you say no, they NEED you, how can you turn them away'. lies, lies, lies.

This was a VERY powerful post. Thanks so much for sharing.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

You are right on track with your priorities! It is hard at times, especially when we have allowed people to take advantage but remember the commandment is to love your neighbor AS yourself- it is not loving yourself to be overextended! (((hugs)))

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight. We can only do so much so we need to make sure we do those things that God wants us to do and let the rest go. I'm sure the people you had to say "no" to and didn't get to reply to would understand. If not, oh well.