Monday, March 23, 2009

Great American Pie Contest in Branson

Did you know that there's a pie contest scheduled this spring in Branson? I just heard about it and I think it sounds interesting. It's called the Great American Pie Contest and it's the first in, what I hope, will be an annual event. It's going to take place April 24th and 25th and is sponsored by Branson and Taste of Home (the great cooking magazine.) The contest will take place at the Hilton Convention Center, the spot where many of Branson's great events happen.

Branson is set in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Missouri and hosts many wonderful events throughout the year, including a Christian rock event and the first ever Branson Air Show (over which my family is drooling.) The Branson Landing is almost a town within itself with over 100 specialty stores in which to shop and browse.

Hilton has several hotels in Branson that satisfy varying tastes and needs while visiting the city. The Hilton Promenade is at Branson Landing, thus it is my first choice for a stay.

If you're interested in attending the Great American Pie Contest, you can get your reservations made now online or by phone. It sounds like it's going to be fun and informative.


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Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

We went to Branson this past week and had a great time. We normally just shop and maybe go to SDC but this time we did the touristy thing and had a great time.