Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dolphin Bubble Craze

I keep going to other blogs and finding that people are writing about these "dolphin bubbles." I decided I should see what all the craziness is about. What I found is that some dolphins at Sea World blow bubbles in the water and play with them.

What's interesting is that these bubbles aren't like those you and I would blow, which would be blown at the top of the water and rise. These bubbles are blown near the bottom of the tanks the dolphins are in and they seem to sink. Weird.

The dolphins don't simply blow the bubbles out of a natural instinct or ability. It seems that it is a learned ability that they have picked up from other dolphins, which would indicate that the animals have a high intelligence. I think we all know that dolphins are very smart, but I don't think everyone knows the level of their intelligence. We seem to learn more and more about aquatic animals as time goes on.

I watched a video of dolphins at Sea World playing and they blew bubbles, popped them, and seemed to have a blast doing it. Amanda watched with me and she was fascinated. If you like to learn, visit Dolphin Bubbles. Below is a video of the dolphins you'll like.


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