Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Fund Raising

We spent the day putting together support letters for the Mombasa project. Jonathon and I typed and printed the letters. Then, Ryan wrote down all the names of the recipients; Jonathon signed letters and put them in envelopes along with return envelopes and response cards; Amanda and stamped the letters.

Whew! They go in tomorrow's mail.


Joanna said...

Neat! It sounds like a lot of work, way to go getting it all done! I also love the way everyone pitched in to help.

FromThe Creek said...

That is a great tackle and I can not wait to get mine in the mail!

Tammy said...

Having been on a couple of mission trips when I was in High School and before college, I understand that when you send your child out, it really is a family affair, from the planning, fund raising and prayer! What a wonderful opportunity for your son!

On a side note, we also attend an EFCA church! We are so encouraged by what the churches in our conference are doing to spread the love of Jesus.