Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Filthy Stove

Somebody made a mess of my stove, which I always hate. Yes, I'm blaming someone other than myself. I am one of those weird people who stops to clean each and every mess every step of the way as I cook rather than wait until I'm finished cooking. Anyway, this stuff was pretty bad.

First thing I did was heavily sprinkle (I mean pour) baking soda on the mess. Then I dribbled some water on it and let it sit for a few moments.

Do you see the cool loofah twist sponge below? I won two of them from At the Creek, and I have to tell you they work great. I scrubbed, with lots of elbow grease 'cause this was a baked on, sticky, gross mess. With a wash cloth this would have taken twice the time. As is, I scrubbed for about 10 minutes (the entire stove, top to bottom).

The end result isn't perfect, as there are stains that will never come out, but it's a whole lot better. I put the rest of the burners back together, by the way (trivets). Voila, almost like new.


FromThe Creek said...

Great tackle and my stove looks like this often!

Tina said...

My stove top is VERY similar to yours, and I CANNOT believe the results you got with just plain baking soda! I have tried that before and have not been so fortunate. We all cook, and the kids aren't the best at wiping up right away. We almost always have cooked on something on the stove top.

I have had good results from a product from the Dollar Tree called Awesome. You use it in the same manner as the baking soda, and it works well. However, I have wondered about the environmental implications. I still need to look into that.

BTW - Stop by my site to pick up your Lemonade Award.

Linda said...

Great Tackle. Keeping up with chores like wiping the stove is always a challenge. Thanks for posting it.

Susie said...

Great tackle!

Wanda said...

Thank you again Christy for the Lemonade Award. I've passed it on.

By the way, have you ever used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? They are wonderful. I use them for everything.