Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year - New Try

Okay, so every year I say I'm going to get healthier. I never really do it but for 2009 I've decided that I MUST get healthier.

I have made a good start on ditching that Diet Coke - so far none in 2009 has entered my body.

I've made sure to exercise these past two days - nothing strenuous but at least doing something more than what I normally do all day.

I'm trying to drink more water; so far so good.

I'm washing my hands more - I always did that before but making myself conscious of it. Josh is sick so I don't want to catch his bug.

I'm trying to get more rest - this one is tough.

And last but not least - I really want to de-stress by letting go and letting God. It's the only way to de-stress.

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