Thursday, January 08, 2009

Homeschooling Works!

Sorry to brag but I can't help myself this time. My oldest son is attending college, studying Criminal Justice. We homeschooled him from grade K through 12. Here is what a letter he received today states (I don't mention the college on purpose; I don't tell every bit of personal information to everyone on the internet) :

"Dear Joshua,

I was very pleased to learn from the faculty and the registrar that you completed the fall 2008 semester with an exceptionally high grade point average. Your academic achievement should be an inspiration to your fellow students.

I hope that your association with __________'s faculty and their contributions toward your intellectual development will be remembered whenever you use the knowledge and skills you have acquired. All the faculty, staff, and administration join with me in wishing you continued success.



Dean of Instruction"


FromThe Creek said...

Way to go Josh and Rita too!

bethanyrae said...

Hey, Congratulations!! I'm sure that was a lot of hard work well rewarded. (for both of you)
bethanyrae said...

Last night, the Florida Gators won the National Championship.

The starting quarterback, Tim Tebow, won the Heisman Trophy last season.

And growing up, he was home schooled.