Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I seem to be gaining a small following on both of my blogs so I decided that I really must either follow or subscribe to (or something) those who are following me. So tonight I went through my follower list and added them to my following list.

Okay, so it sounds confusing. It's not. I'm just returning the favor but really gaining something from the thoughts of others.

Some people have more than one blog so, in those cases, I chose the one that would be the most relevant to me. Some I subscribed to rather followed.

This is fun. I recommend it!


Cher said...

Found you via EntreCard. Just wanted to say Hi and I am now following you!

Lacy said...

Hey, I love your blog!!

I found you via Frugal Hacker.....

My husband and I have started a website called I'm creating a blog wall, full of useful blogs that have a frugal christian perspective! We have lots of blogs that are already on the wall like deal seeking mom, attention target shoppers, and many more.

If you're interested in placing your button on our wall, let me know!!

All we ask is that you place a link to our site in your links area.

Here is the blogwall url:

We also have created a coupon database with YUI technology (LoL I don't know what that means but my husband raves that it's the best thing since sliced bread lol)

If you have any questions please shot me an email!



SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

It is always nice to see who is following our blogs. I know I am very guilty of the two blogs idea. It is nice to have a Christian Blog where I can share more biblical stuff and the other about family and quilting and such. I hope to be back and running next week. I enjoy being able to view what you write while I try and pull myself back together. That is one wonderful thing about the internet for sure!

betchai said...

Wow, I actually have not tried using nor don't know how to use the "who's following me" but i always find it interesting, i always tell myself i'll study it next time, but i guess, that next time has not come yet :(

congratulations for you've been finding fun in using it.