Monday, December 15, 2008

Win a Land's End Gift Card!

Okay, so it's cold and blowing snow outside and you're going to think I'm crazy for discussing HEAT, but it's important to plan ahead.

Do you think much about the clothing you and your children wear during the hot summer months? Skin cancer is a huge concern for me these days and I don't even have a family history of it. Other than staying inside during the heat of the day and applying sunscreen, I used to think there was little else I could do to help prevent my family's chances of getting skin cancer.

Wearing dark clothing, long sleeves and pants is supposed to help but those items are HOT, even here in the northern part of the country. Land's End is a clothing company who is interested in your opinion concerning summer clothing and safety. In fact, they're giving away five $100 gift cards to randomly chosen folks who participate in their survey on the subject of summer clothing and safety.

If you'd like a chance at that $100 gift card, participate before midnight, December 19.

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Abril said...

I like Lands' End because they have nice quality products at a reasonable price. And there is always something I can use.