Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Moldy Windows

Last night I was ready to put the plastic sheeting on the windows and when I came to this one (our bedroom) I removed a heavy quilt my husband had put up to buffet the cold. What I found was horrifying: MOLD! You can't really see it in this picture too well, but there was mold on the glass as well as on the wood.

I decided to wait until today - after we did home school - to clean it. I filled an ice-cream bucket with hot water and ammonia and washed down the window as best I could. Then I washed the glass with Windex, spraying a bit here and there on the frames. After letting it dry a while, I went to work with the sheet plastic.

We use the Frost King window insulation kits that you apply to the inside of the windows with sticky tape. Then you blow dry it to shrink it fit. I decided to keep the blinds closed when I covered them.

You really can't tell that much that there's plastic on there until you realize you don't feel the wind blowing in any more.

When the weather turns warm we'll have to paint the window frames.


FromThe Creek said...

Good job and stay warm!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

WTG - removing mold is never a fun job!!

Live|Seeking said...

We have been putting up plastic on all our windows for 2 years and it saves us around 30% on our heating bill! It's well worth the time and toil.

Though, we often do have to touch up the window frames in the spring. Hope you beat the battle against the mold- we're fighting it in part of our bathroom ceiling. Dangerous stuff!

TMinut said...

My dad always does that, he builds frames of thin wood that fit perfectly into the frame and covers it with plastic sheeting. On the east coast, mold was a consideration, here in the west it's not such a problem and it's sure one I don't miss!

I LOVE all your winter pictures; snow, winter, cold - these are some of my favorite things!