Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Electrical Outlets

This little area of our house has really been bothering me. All of this dust in electrical outlets is dangerous. This one has been missing an outlet cover for years and has accumulated a lot of dust. It's by the clothes washer and that's the washer plugged into it. I think the dryer causes a lot of dust, contributing to the problem. Dust in the electrical wiring is a fire hazard. Here's the before picture:

There's another outlet behind the dryer (see outlet cover on left below) that needs to be put on, but for now I'm focusing on the one on the right. The dryer is being used this morning and afternoon and when it's done its job for the day, we'll have to move it ahead and take care of the other outlet.

The first thing I did was unplug the washer and vacuum out the outlet. It still looks dirty, but that is a bit of staining. The cord wanted to fall behind the washer so I plugged it back in for this picture.

It was a simple matter to place on the cover and put in a screw. Then I plugged the washer back in. It sort of bothers me that the outlet and plug still look dirty, but I do assure you that they are a 1000 times better.

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Lynne said...

I hate how yucky it gets between the washer & dryer and behind them. I need to pull mine out and clean, but I can't budge them. Good job!