Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Christmas Crafts pt. 1

I have been talking to the kids about doing some Christmas gift crafts and finally decided that this was the day to begin. I hate doing crafts because I lack craftiness. This isn't housework, but when you see the mess I had afterward, you'll see that it turned into it.

First, we laid out our supplies:

We cut two of Johnny's old socks into pieces by taking off the leg part of each. We stuffed each sock with quilt batting and dryer lint - we're resourceful! Then I proceeded to teach 7 year old Amanda how to stitch the sock closed. That was (not) fun.

While Amanda sewed and worked on her snowman, Ryan made his own craft, a Christmas tree snowflake (his idea).

Here are the finished snowmen and snowflake:

And part of the mess after I'd worked on some of it:

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