Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Report

For those of you who've wondered if the Wordless Wednesday picture is recent or not, it was taken yesterday. The official snowfall (as of yesterday) at our county seat is a whopping 67 inches! You may or may not realize that this is 7 inches over my head. Thankfully some it has settled and some of it has melted or I'd be sunk, literally.

On a related note: please be careful if you're in northern Michigan to snowmobile. The snow came too quickly and therefore covered very thin ice, insulating it and preventing it from thickening. Some snowmobiles went under this week and thankfully, the riders escaped but the sleds did not. The ice is not safe and you shouldn't even attempt to race across the lakes. The officials state that the only lakes and ponds that will be safe for ice fishing this year will be those which have not frozen over yet.

Please take precautions and be safe!


FromThe Creek said...

Your brother says he is glad that he doesn't have to plow that!

bethanyrae said...

Josiah is ready to shovel some of that snow off the ice!! Oh to be young and have that much energy! And positive optimism...!