Sunday, December 21, 2008

Road Trip

Josh and Marty

Jonathon using Aunt Christy's computer

My two oldest children went on a road trip today - with each other. We had another winter storm here and they left in the midst of it, leaving me to worry. They made it to my brother's house okay though, and for that I'm grateful.

Before we know it Josh will be married or living on his own somewhere and he won't have the time to spend with his brother. They need to have some bonding time while they can I suppose.

I spent the afternoon wrapping presents. This is our most meager Christmas since we married nearly 22 years ago and yet we still have plenty under the tree. God has blessed us.


B.C. Chouinard said...

I love Josh's tan lines in this picture. (I think I already told him that before..) I'm glad they made it safe! I'm sure they'll have fun together. :-)

FromThe Creek said...

They made it down fine...however...I don't know how they will weather their overanxious cousins! They are definitely getting a lot of attention here.


Tracker said...

goodness married?! I'm gonna stay single for a little while so I can buy all my toys ;)