Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Talk to me Tuesday - Christmas

The question is, "How do you keep the Christ in Christmas?"

It seems as if it gets harder every year to focus on Jesus and what Christmas is really about because of all of the busyness of the season, never ending squabbles among people, and just the fact that our children are getting older. Some of the traditions of Christmas help to keep us focused.

Every year we do different projects during Advent to keep our thoughts on Jesus. We make a Jesse Tree, read a really good book called Jotham's Journey (one chapter for every day of Advent), sing Christmas songs that sing of Christ's Glory, and make a birthday cake for Jesus.

I'm really having a difficult time putting on Christmas cheer this year but I'm working on it. At least we have snow, huh? Snow isn't what it's about and neither is Christmas cheer. I need to be cheerful because this is Christ's birthday, but I need to be even more mindful that this Child did not remain a baby. He can't be real to me only at Christmas, but He needs to take center stage all year long.

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CompleteLee Blogger said...

Great traditions. We do some of the same. I need to figure out what a Jesse tree is. I've heard of it before, but can't remember!