Monday, December 15, 2008

Lost Boy Review

I finished reading Lost Boy by Greg Laurie the other day. This story is Pastor Greg's story about his own life as a prodigal son, a boy who lived aimlessly with a rebellious mother who traveled from husband to husband in search of someone or something that could satisfy. Greg Laurie searched for someone or something too, but his search was for a father. God brought him full circle to a loving Father and brought a "lost boy" into a great ministry for Christ.

This is not only an interesting story but one that shows that there's hope for anyone, no matter how great the sinner. Jesus is in the business of saving people and as the Good Shepherd, He leads the lost home. I'd recommend this autobiography to everyone - whether you're a believer or not. It's a good read.

Maybe you're searching for a father or a husband or a substance to satisfy your cravings for unconditional love. Maybe you're just curious about this thing called Christianity. God's calling you home.

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