Friday, December 05, 2008


Tonight our oven died for good. I had to really work quickly to get supper finished in the microwave. Have you ever tried to make zucchini bread in the microwave? I put two loaves' worth of batter into one big Corningware dish and put the heat setting to "7", bake. Then I baked it for 25 minutes. It worked! I imagine we'll be scooping the bread out rather than slicing, but it's remarkably like that of an oven baked zucchini bread.

I had intended to make zucchini patties but I just didn't feel like tackling it tonight. I'll try it later, when I feel more up to the challenge.

As far as the Shaker Beans (see Menu Plan Monday) went, they were the best I've tried and I've tried many different recipes. These are meat-free, which works for Johnny and me, but full of flavor.

I was entrecard dropping tonight and ran across a food blog that I'd like to recommend. This one features tasty recipes for those following the Weight Watchers diet. I do not follow the diet, but a lot of the recipes looked really good and are low-fat, which is what I look for. Try it out.

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