Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decorating with (and for) Kids

Jeff got this tree a couple of days ago from our local nursery and Christmas tree farm, North Star Trees. This is the place that Jeff, Johnny, and Josh all worked at in the past. There's nothing like picking out your own tree fresh from the farm. We let Ryan and Amanda decorate the tree themselves this year. As you can see, they put all the decorations near the bottom and bunched them together. I tried very hard not to rearrange anything, but this morning I could stand it no longer and moved some around (just a bit!)

The light shining in the window is from a car across the road at our hick town bar. I hate the way the lights shine in our living room window, but what can you do about it? Nothing. It's just a reminder to me to pray for those folks who try to find happiness in the bottom of a beer.


Ching Ya said...

That's a very nice tree! =)
Mine was a small one. Sitting at the corner of the table. Yes, it's ON the table. Although I fancy the big trees, I still love the little one, as it's my first tree
after married.

Merry Christmas =)

bethanyrae said...

Nice tree....I always miss the smell of the real ones since we "went fake."
I thought that bar was about three streets over from your house...with a couple of parks in between?

Rita T. said...

Actually, the bar is kitty corner from our house across old 27....just our road and a yard between.