Monday, December 29, 2008

Bits & Pieces

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Tonight I began putting the plastic on the windows. The gas in the old Anderson windows is just plain GONE so air blows right through the glass and is COLD! We listened to advice from a lot of different people this year who said not to put the plastic on again because it is, well, tacky. So we sat here and froze until we could no longer stand to see money fly out of our windows in the form of natural gas bills.

Jeff went to Lowe's and got the plastic that goes on the inside of the windows with sticky tape and gets blown with a hot hair dryer until it shrinks up nicely. You know what - they really don't look that tacky. We have one bedroom window to finish up and the large living room windows and then we're done. Already we can feel the difference and I'm so glad we did them again this year even if it is a little bit late. The two boxes of Frost King window plastic only cost us $30, which will save us a whole lot more over the course of the next four months or so.

I don't know if I told everyone that my mom is back home. She got to leave the nursing home on Christmas Eve and she called me to let me know she was home. She and my dad gave us the best Florida oranges for a Christmas present. We're really enjoying them.

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