Saturday, November 29, 2008

Your Wish List

Christmas is nearly upon us; there are only 26 days left to get ready for the busiest holiday in the United States. Do you have your wish list ready? I do. Have you entered the Got a Wish Sweepstakes? I did.

Digital photo frames are all the rage this year and I can see why. They make great presents for grandparents and family because an enormous amount of photos can be stored on them. And since rarely does anybody use print cameras anymore, digital frames are especially handy.

I've checked out digital photo frames over the last week, trying to find the best one for my gift giving (and my own wish list). Today I researched CEIVA digital photo frames and while I was at their site, entered the Got a Wish Sweepstakes. What makes the CEIVA frames so cool is that they can be used alone without a pc or internet. They are also available with year long picture plans, which allow family and friends to send you new photos that will be automatically displayed on your frame. The slide show plays as much as 50 photos on the CEIVA Life frame.

When at CEIVA's site, I played along with Santa and his elf and plugged in my name. You get the option to upload a photo of yourself to put into Santa's digital frame, but as I didn't have one I liked, I used the elf picture provided. So I'm shy. Anyway, I was officially "on Santa's lap" telling him my wish list. I want the same thing every year and never get it - to be debt free and have perfect children. Even Santa can't get me that.

Third on my list is cash of any denomination. I can win $500 in the sweepstakes since they're giving away 29 checks for $500 (one winner chosen randomly per day). Santa told me, "Rita" (yeah, he used my name and I'm still trying to figure out how they did that), that I've been good. Ha! Maybe I'll win.

You need to be 18-years-old or older and live in the United States or Washington, D.C. to be eligible.

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