Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winter Storm on the Horizon

Okay, we're already knee deep into winter a month before it officially begins. Literally. Now tonight we are warned there is a winter storm coming, from the south of all places, and it'll leave us with about a foot of new snow by Monday morning.

Is it just me or is all of this snow coming a little more heavy and a little earlier than normal?

The brakes went bad on our van, again, today so Jeff had to change the pads tonight. I think I've figured out that we go through a minimum of 4 sets of pads (just in the rear) a year. The pads don't just wear down and squeal - they actually fall off and we go through a period of about 2 minutes when the pedal goes clear to the floor and we have no brakes at all. I've already had one accident with the awful thing and several close calls. We get no warning at all and have to keep checking the pads periodically to make sure they're alright. I checked around and found out that this is a huge problem with Toyota Previa minivans. If you are thinking of buying a really nice used one, think again. It's best to be safe and this isn't a safe vehicle in my opinion. Enough said.

My mom is now in a nursing home to spend a couple of weeks gathering strength in her legs and feet. As soon as she can walk, she can go home. I know that my family will care for her to the best of their abilities, but Mom really needs to be walking at least a little. From what I'm told, she'll be well cared for at the nursing home.

I'm half-way through the book, Lost Boy. It's really turning out to be an insightful book. I'm especially intrigued with Greg Laurie's mother and her strict upbringing. Does legalism work? Yes and no. It keeps people in line out of fear until they rebel. Amazing. Even more amazing is that someone who grew up in the complete opposite lifestyle and who was so "lost" that it seemed impossible to ever be found, was found. Yet it's not amazing or spectacular, but rather it's the "ordinary" work of Christ - seeking and saving the lost. I'm glad he found Greg Laurie and I'm glad he found me too.

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Penny Raine said...

what state are are you in? we are in Tn and expecting snow too.
I have really wanted to read this book, we used to go to his church, I love his outlook, h would say, "don't tell me about living in a dysfunctional family, I grew up with 7 stepdads" He would say that Jesus heals, accept His healing and move on...
anyway was blessed by your blog,
Penny Raine