Sunday, November 30, 2008

When it Snows, it Pours

Our brakes went out again this morning despite the fact that Jeff and his dad put on new brake pads last night. We can't go to church. Bummer. Josh went to the early service and brought Johnny. I tried to call him but he was in Sunday school and didn't answer his phone until class was over. By that time he barely had enough time to get Johnny home and rush back to town to get to work on time. I fear he's late for work. I feel terrible about it.

The snow hasn't begun yet. Maybe it'll miss us this time. The weather report says that it's to be the heaviest near the Lake Huron shore; we're on the other side of the state. I think my family down south will be hit heavier, which would be funny if the heavy snows didn't make it so dangerous to drive.

Did you know that you can sign up with the National Weather Service to receive severe weather alerts via e-mail? I signed up more than a year ago and whenever nasty weather threatens, I get notice right away.

I hope your day is sunnier than mine!

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bethanyrae said...

Hey, thanks for the weather notice last night! We didn't get any snow until we hit Lansing, so the roads were only bad as we got closer to home. Bob is taking Christine back to school now, and the trucks have been out on the freeways already, so he's taking the "long way around" to stay on the freeway this time. So glad we left early this morning! Sorry to hear about about your brakes...
Our new chickens are faring well, but no eggs yet. I think the move set them back.