Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm so sorry for not getting out a post for Thrifty Green Thursday today but things were still hectic. Tomorrow we head back home after stopping in at the hospital, so I really doubt I'll get much of a fantastic post tomorrow, but you never know.

I checked our local weather for tomorrow and it appears we'll have a decent day to drive home, but Saturday it's supposed to snow...AGAIN! It's been nice being a little further south and not having snow, but it sure has rained a lot.

Mom is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday afternoon, if all goes well. I'm aware that some of my readers are praying for Mom so I'll post updates now and then. I had wanted to stay for the surgery, but I can't. I am confident that my family will keep me informed, though, and if I must, I will travel back south again. Mom knows the risk involved in this surgery and she is at peace with it so I must be as well. You know, when you have complete assurance of eternity, you can face these things knowing that no matter the outcome, it's going to be alright. That's where we're at.

I had a heart to heart talk with my niece today and I was so very glad to have the time with her. I've always had a good relationship with her and nothing's changed there.

Until I talk with you tomorrow or Saturday, keep looking up.

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bethanyrae said...

I'm so glad for the time you've been able to spend with your mom. It was so scary wondering what you would find when you got there. So good to know the peace your mom has with her situation. Sorry to hear about the conflicts with your sister. I had forgotten about her conversion. Was it from a marriage...? I'm trying to remember and can't. Hope your trip back went well.