Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tackling the Kitchen for Thanksgiving

It seems like I never get around to the projects I really want to do. I had to clean and organize all of this because we're expecting company tomorrow - my father-in-law - and he'll be here for a few days. So....this is the kitchen and dining room before:

What a mess! Ryan had brought in boxes of junk from the attic, filled with outdoor stuff we don't even use any more. The sink was full of dirty dishes because I cooked, of course. And then I have gotten in the habit of laying stuff all over the counter beneath my radio.

It took me a couple of hours but I sorted through the boxes of stuff and threw away what is in tatters. The rest I organized into small bags in the coat closet. Whoever had clothes lying around and on chairs found their clothing in another place (namely their rooms or the coat closet).

I got the dishes washed and cleared clutter off of the counter.

You might notice the towels over the chairs, but they're housing fresh egg noodles so they'll dry a bit for tonight's supper.

This is the radio counter, with a long row of cd's in the back. I put things in their places but couldn't stash what I use on an almost daily basis. Still, it's better.

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FromThe Creek said...

That is great! Much better than what I actually got accomplished yesterday or today for that matter!