Monday, November 03, 2008


If you're a Michigan voter, I would urge you to look closely at the two proposals on the ballot. Proposal One is concerning the issue of the legalization of marijuana. I will be voting NO on Proposal One. My own mother-in-law, whom I dearly loved, died a horribly painful death from cancer. She suffered immensely, but I don't believe smoking a joint would've helped her one bit. All it would've done would be to put her out of her mind and she wouldn't have wanted that. You can go here to read a little about Proposal One.

The other issue is Proposal Two. I will be voting NO on Proposal Two. This proposal is a horrible one. It involves fetal stem cell research and is worded to include unrestricted experimentation on human fetuses and embryos. It would open up a whole new can of worms, as it even allows for human cloning. Not only is this research highly immoral, it is highly unnecessary and ineffective. To date, there have been ZERO cures, or anything close, for diseases using fetal stem cells. Adult stem cell research, on the other hand, has found much success in the medical world and it doesn't involve killing a human being. One frightening thing about Proposal Two is that, if passed, it would make even discouraging fetal stem cell research illegal.

Please, go out and vote tomorrow. Do so after much prayer and seeking God's will. Pray for MERCY for our country. God has promised that if a nation seeks His face and turns from their wicked ways, that He will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Would you agree that that USA needs healing?

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