Friday, November 21, 2008

Kmart Deals

Have you visited a Kmart lately? I love ours and I love the blue light specials they've offered through the years. With Christmas around the corner, Kmart has some really good online deals that should help ease tight gift budgets this year. I have made it a goal to give something to everyone in my family (extended too) this time just because I hope to brighten their holiday, but with almost nothing in the budget, I have to look high and low for the best deals.Click Here

My mom needs new clothes big time since her hernia repair now makes her old clothes sag. Besides, we all want to reward her for having the surgery although the doctors warned she could easily die during the process. What could be more comfortable than a kimono wrap? Right now I can get it online at a 10% discount. I think the gray is so soft looking and pretty. Maybe I need to get one for me! Gulp.

One of my sisters has been laid off work for more than a year and can't afford extras so I thought something nice for her home would be good. Some new bedding from the Abbey Hill collection would just the thing to cozy up in during the cold winter months. A 30% discount applies online which is a really good deal.

Women's plus sleepwear, Women's Attention brand, girls tops, all juniors, boys tops, men's shirts and bottoms, big men's shirts and bottoms, and infant and toddler bedding can be purchased with an online discount of 10%.

Something fun that you'll want to do is look for hidden ornaments throughout the Kmart website each week through December because when you find one and click on it, you'll be given secret coupon code.

The online discount is only good through November 26, so I guess I really need to make a good shopping list and final decision soon! I hope you'll take advantage of it too.


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