Friday, November 28, 2008

Internet Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Did you find any black friday deals yet? Are you planning to shop on Cyber Monday? To be honest, I haven't found too many great deals by visiting our local stores. It was disappointing. From what I've heard from other shoppers, it really hasn't been worth the bother of wading through rude shoppers knee deep just to buy something that's only marked down a few dollars. I think this year the best deals are found online.

After sampling high speed internet for a while, I can't imagine going back to dial-up. If someone were to get me a really good present, I'd choose to have cable internet, television (no fuzzy channels this way), and unlimited long distance. As it is now, I can only call long distance by using Jeff's cell phone. That's almost never and with my family all living in Indiana, it's a real bummer.

So here's my idea: Charter Communications is offering an ultimate service bundle, through December 5, which includes 10 mbps high speed internet as well as cable television and telephone service with unlimited calling. You can't beat the bundled price at $165.97 per month for 12 months. I want this for Christmas.

What makes this an even greater deal is the $250 gift card you receive free with the bundle purchase. I took a while today to look over the merchant list (for the gift card) and it's a good variety. I don't think anybody will have a problem selecting one.

There's more. If you place your order now, you'll get an entry into the Charter Communications sweepstakes to win 1 of 45 X-Box 360 game console. I'd give that to my kids for their Christmas. Everyone would be happy.


Cyber Monday said...

i love cyber monday. i cant wait till monday. thanks

cyber monday

grace said...

too bad Charter does not provide services to our area, there is this fight going on right now, we have AT&T and Comcast and the electric company wants to get in to provide cable services and Comcast does not want so they have been going to court the whole year.