Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cycles and Parts

I'm a believer in research when it comes to buying anything, especially parts and accessories. Machines break down and pieces of them need to be replaced periodically. It's that way with our transportation machines too, like cars and motorcycles.

Speaking of motorcycles, do you have one? I think they're becoming more popular ever since gas prices started to soar a few years ago. If you do have a motorcycle, what do you do when you need to service it? The frugal way to go is to work on it yourself if at all possible, and better yet is to research and buy the bike parts needed at the lowest possible cost without scrimping quality.

Anymore, the best deals seem to be online; at least that's been my experience as of late. Cruiser Customizing has a tremendous selection of bike parts and some pretty decent pricing to boot and they state a no hassle return policy. You might want to check it out.

Happy cycling.

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