Saturday, November 08, 2008

Courtesy in the Marketplace

Last week I took Amanda to Bob Evans for her free birthday meal. It was a mom and daughter day which, by the way, really tested my patience in more ways than one. Anyway, we went to lunch and I ordered one of my favorites - a BBQ chicken salad, only this time there was a bit of a problem with my salad. My server never came back after her first initial "check" when I'd only taken one bite, so I couldn't tell her about the problem. I just ate the salad and tried not to think about it.

After I paid for my meal, I received a receipt that gave me a chance to give my opinion about my dining experience. I took the survey online and told the restaurant what the problem was when I got to the correct page. I told them that it really wasn't a big deal but that it did bother me a little. At the end of the survey I received a message relating that I would be contacted by someone from Bob Evans.

I was contacted. Today I received a letter apologizing for the problem and assurance that my comments would be sent to the local folks. They also sent me two vouchers (gift certificates) that I can use for another meal.

I hate to complain about anybody because I don't want to get people in trouble, but I appreciate the chance to be able to voice my opinions when I shop AND I appreciate Bob Evans Restaurants for their prompt and courteous response.

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Rebecca said...

You are keeping me in suspense here--what was the problem?! I am not familiar with Bob Evans restaurant, but I agree that it's great that they were able to respond so quickly to your complaint.

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