Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MSG and Me

This has been a huge day for me and after yesterday's upset, I needed more time to get all done that I really wanted to get done. Let me explain:

I was thrilled on my last grocery shopping trip when I found the Bertolli pasta dinners (in frozen foods) on sale. Combined with a good coupon, I got a bag really cheap and decided to use that and some other stuff for Sunday lunch. We get out of church at 12:30 and by the time we get home and get dinner on the table, it's something like 1:30 or 2:00, so a quicker fix sounded good to me.

I ate the Bertolli tri-color cheese ravioli dinner with Jonathon (he's a vegetarian and I'm sort of one). Let me tell you, this was delicious! I think I know what made it so delicious - it had something in it that makes me very sick. MSG.

Yeah, it has MSG and by the taste of it, quite a bit. I know; you can't taste MSG. Monsodium Glutamate is not a flavor enhancer, as some think. It's a chemical that is added to food that makes YOUR TASTEBUDS alter the way they taste the food. It does not bring out the natural flavors; it makes you think the food's better, but it's not.

Anyway, I ate this stuff, loved it, and then got sick. All afternoon Sunday and into the evening, I was a bit queasy but figured maybe I just ate too much.

Monday I got up and began school with the kids. As I was sipping coffee, I noticed my stomach feeling as if someone were poking pins into it. A friend called and I talked to her for a bit while the pain got a little worse. About an hour later it hit me full force and I felt as if I had food poisoning or something. I was really sick all day and finally felt better last night, though really drained and tired.

Today I am back to normal but very thirsty. I KNOW it had to be the MSG in the dinner because I've had this problem before, always after eating something with a lot of the chemical in it.

So after doing nothing but laying around ill yesterday, I got absolutely nothing accomplished. The kids homeschooled themselves. Today I had to catch up.

I graded papers and got the homeschool back in order. I got 6 quarts of tomatoes chopped and put in the freezer. I pulled up the plants in the larger garden and took all the tomato cages and pea fencing in the garage for Evan to put in the attic. I did a load of laundry, cooked a roast beef dinner (I'll tell you later how I got a good deal of beef this week), made a cherry pudding cake, and washed dishes twice in the day.

I still don't have the pillowcase dresses made and they were due at the church today. Pooey. It seems like I get all excited about something and then don't get it done after all. I have the pillowcases in the dining room waiting to be sewn along with repairs to Evan's and Josh's clothing. I'll make a dress or two anyway for Amanda and maybe for her cousin.

We're making headway.


bethanyrae said...

Sorry to hear how sick you get from it. We try to avoid MSG on the principle of it, but it slips in too frequently. I guess we're fortunate we don't have the reaction you do. It's so difficult to avoid unless you eliminate most of what's sold in the grocery stores.

FromThe Creek said...

Better watch it or people will think you are as CRAZY as me!

We have to avoid the MSG too because if it has that in it, it is sure to have gluten. I looked at different bulk soup bases at the bulk food store and they are loaded with it too. I notice these things more now that I HAVE to read every label.