Friday, October 10, 2008

Movies, Coupons and Gifts

How was your day? I got up (not) bright and early after watching a movie late into the night last night. Jeff rented The Note and we didn't put it into the DVD player until 10:30. The movie stars Jeannie Francis, which surprised me. She did a really good job acting the part and I enjoyed her role a great deal. Remember Ted McGinley off Happy Days? He plays the the male lead in the movie and wow, he's really handsome as an older man!

Anyway, the movie is really good and I would suggest you watch it. It's a great story about forgiveness, which I'm really big on these days. Without God's forgiveness, where would I be today? And without the ability to forgive others, where would my faith in action be?

This morning Jeff went to town with me for my weekly grocery shopping trip. We went first to Family Video and dropped off two movies that had to go back today (The Note and Speed Racers (don't watch Speed Racers - even Ryan said it should be rated X -and exaggeration but not too far off). Then we went to the day-old bread store and got 5 loaves of wheat bread for 90 cents each. I wanted to get plain white but they were all out. Did you know that there's no reason for you to eat wheat bread unless it's whole wheat bread? Read the labels to be sure you're getting what you think you're getting.

Next stop was Glen's where they're having the Spartan canned veggies sale (25 cents a can) to help people stock up for the coming winter. Not all the vegetables were on sale so you have to be careful. I got a dozen cans of corn. That seems to be the vegetable that costs so much here. I didn't need any of the other sale veggies because I put some up from my own garden. Also on sale was milk at $2.77 a gallon and shredded cheddar cheese $1.67 for 8 oz. pkgs. If you got a Detroit Free Press Sunday paper last week you might have found a coupon for a free bottle of French's Worcestershire sauce - I redeemed mine at Glen's today. I saved $8 in coupons at this stop.

Next we went to Shell to gas up. We've been buying our gas there for a while now because we seem to get better mileage with their gas and also the van runs better on the gas because it has cleaning stuff in it. We still have to run Gumout in the tank now and then - the van has nearly 200,000 miles on it.

Then we went to Wal-Mart where I got the bulk of my groceries. I just didn't have the energy to go to Save-A-Lot today. I didn't find great values at Wal-Mart but I did have enough coupons to save $15, which helps. Before we got to the store, Josh called and said that our dear friend here in town called him and asked him to pick up a couple of boxes of "extra food". Turns out there was a whole ham, a turkey, and lots and lots of other food in those boxes, including flour and sugar. Add that to the beef someone gifted us with this week and our freezer barely closed.

The Lord's watching out for us because I didn't tell either person who gave us food this week that we were in need. I truly believe it's a gift from God.

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