Sunday, October 12, 2008

Full Color and Foul Odor

We took a walk today on the biking trail. Then we cut through a swampy area and came out on the two-track (goes around the cemetery). Here's Jeff showing you a beer can he picked up in order to cash in on that 10 cent refund.

We walked on the two track for a while until we came to this horrible smell. This is a picture of that smell - a dead salmon that someone had taken filets from and then dumped along with a garbage bag. Gross.

Our trees are in full color now.

This is to prove that we walked through a swamp. It was pretty much dried up and "springy."

Ryan found this thing and tried to scare me with it. Did he think that after having three sons before him that I'd be easily scared by bugs? HA! My freezer has a big ole box in it stuffed with moths!

More color.

This is a sorry sight. Someone has been dumping their garbage along the two track. There's everything from furniture to stinky garbage. The animals drag the garbage into the woods and make a huge mess there. Each time we walk past here there's more trash.

Today there was an addition to the trash - a nice pretty orange "note" posted on a tree. I hope they found someone's name on one of those scraps of paper that was in the garbage bags.

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bethanyrae said...

Beautiful trees!
what's with the dumping...?? The road behind my parent's place had a bridge out temporarily. During that time the "dead ends" became dumps, including stuff dumped over the railing into the stream. Even building construction debris. I know it's expensive to actually go to the dump....but hey.