Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Movies & Shows

I'm not a big fan of television or movies, just ask my family. There are times, though, when I like to watch a good movie. You'll note that I said "good." I get disgusted every time I turn on the TV and see rubbish either advertised or broadcast. If it were up to me, I think I'd just pull the TV out of the house and trash it.

Back when television was first invented, people told the creators that they were crazy, that nobody would want to sit and stare at something like that. HA! How wrong they were. We are such stupid creatures that we willingly plop ourselves down upon whatever furniture is available and mindlessly stare at images in a box. Jesus knew what He was talking about when He likened us to sheep. We raised some sheep when I was a child and I admit that they did that - stared mindlessly and more. There were those times when they'd get their heads stuck in the fence and not know how to turn them around to get back out. We'd go out and turn their little heads for them so they could be free.

Don't you wish someone would turn your head when you're watching something you know you shouldn't be? You know those times, when you're staring straight ahead at garbage in a box and don't have enough sense to wiggle around and get yourself free. You have a strong gut feeling that you should push that little button on a remote control but it's sooooo hard to do so. You're mesmerized by the enemy of your soul.

Of course, there are good films you can rent, ones you aren't afraid to have your youngest child watch. By the way, if you are afraid to have your children see what you're watching, you probably don't need to be watching it either. The occasional good films (Love Comes Softly series, Amazing Grace, A Walk in the Clouds, old classics, etc.) can begin to get costly when you buy them or rent them. Ugh.

I thought I'd share with you some of the places I've found older films and TV shows that I'm not afraid to have my own children see. *Disclaimer* You'll have to sort through them and have the willpower to reject the bad films. I noticed that on some of the sites you have to create an account to watch anything with more than a PG rating. That's a red flag to me and I leave them be.

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