Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pay Attention

Do you pay close attention to the cashier as she/he scans your grocery items? I try to but I don't always catch everything because I'm busy loading the stuff onto the belt or I'm grabbing bags off the revolving "thingy." Where are all of the carry-out guys we used to see?

Yesterday I spent the day in town giving Josh a ride here and there. After I dropped him off at the police post, I did my grocery shopping. I went to the bread store for $0.60 loaves of bread. After that, Glen's.

Glen's had a buy one, get one free sale so I took advantage of that. One of the "free" items was Kraft cheese, so I got 4 pkgs.

Next stop was Wal-Mart, which made me angry when all was said and done. First, the cashier seemed "put-off" that I was using coupons. Then, she definitely didn't care for me asking for my $20 in change in tens and fives. After I got home and was scanning everything into my HomeScan scanner, I noticed that I was charged for 3 gallons of milk when I only got 2. The lady must have run one of the gallons over her scanner twice. After being so tickled that I saved $25 by using coupons, I was let down to realize that I spent almost $4 for milk I didn't purchase.

Jeff insisted that he would get the money back and he called Wal-Mart. The gal on the other end told him to mark the receipt and go to the service desk for a refund the next time we're at the store. Well, I marked the receipt and I have to pick Josh up at Ponderosa tonight. Jeff asked if I was going to get my gallon of milk. I said, "No. I purchased 2 which was what I intended. If I'd wanted 3 I would have put 3 in my grocery cart. I will get a refund and take my money to Save-A-Lot where milk is on sale for $2.77 a gallon."

The reason we miss these errors is because we are working as hard as the cashier, if not harder, to get our bags off their bagger and into our carts before they bark at us for not doing so. I once had a guy cashier yell at me for not getting the bags off fast enough. I sometimes wonder if they count on us to not catch their mistakes.

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